Finger Group’s executive knowledge and delivery approach are excellent

Prior to putting our part time earning program together,
Finger Group’s executive spent several hours with us learning our strengths and challenges in life,
so they could tailor the program to our specific needs. The result was a series of onhand operations that covered exactly what
we needed to further strengthen the leadership skills and build our own team, and which
provided tools and ideas that we were able to put into practice right away.

Finger Group’s executive knowledge and delivery approach are excellent,
both in a classroom setting or during one-on-one executive coaching sessions.
We have received great feedback from our leader about the sessions and the results they
have seen in their own side income growth, as well as
the increased collaboration of the teams they manage as a result of the practices learned in the sessions.

I would highly recommend Finger Group to
any individual looking to earning side income and having own establishment,
either in a group or individual setting.

In the first year with FG, we’ve gone from 20 to 100 people,
our team’s revenue has increased over 20%, and our expenses have decreased by 10%.
The way they taught us to increase our staff and agents satisfaction has been a game changer, in both areas.

My team is more loyal and bought in than ever.
I can see the success trickling down from my position at the top, all the way through my team
and we are confidently on our way to 7 times the revenue we did this year,
with a leadership team that is now amazing and incredibly productive and efficient.

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